Fun Furniture Ideas For Repurposing Old Tires

After replacing car tires, most people either recycle their old ones, or set them aside and let them collect dust next to the garage. One great option to put old tires to good use is to repurpose them. From gardening to furniture, there are many creative ways to use them. If you are interested in making furniture out of your used tires, here are some creative ideas for you.


Your old tires will make great tables for both your living room and garage. If you want one for your garage, you can keep the tire dirty so blends well with the garage space. All you need to do is cut a round wooden board or even plywood to put over top of the tire. You can stack a few tires on top of each other until your table is the height that you prefer.

If you want the tire table for your living room, there are many different things you can do so it will match your style. If you want a coffee table, you can use one tire, or even two next to each other to make it longer. For an end table, stacking two tires on top of each other will make it high enough to be about level with your couch.

Painting the tire is always an option. Remember to wash it thoroughly with soap and water first to ensure it is completely clean. Next, prime the tire so the color you have chosen shows up properly. After the primer dries, paint the tire your color of choice. You can use an old wooden tabletop or cut a piece of wood to go over your tires. Your tire table will also look great with glass table top. Use some extra strength glue to keep everything in place permanently.

Chairs & Ottomans

Making a chair or ottoman out of an old tire is very simple. All you need is foam or padding cut to cover the very top of your tire, extra padding to stuff in the middle of the tire so it doesn't cave in, a fabric of your choice, and a heavy duty staple gun.

Stack two tires on top of each other and glue them down with an industrial strength glue. Next cut some foam or padding so it perfectly covers the top of the tires. Stuff the excess foam in the center of the tires so the top doesn't cave in, then set the cut foam on top. You may want to glue the cut foam down as well. Stretch the fabric tightly around the tires and staple it to the underside of the bottom tire. That's it! Once the fabric is all in place, you have a fun seat or ottoman for your home.

Dog Beds

One problem that many people have with their dogs is dragging around and chewing up dog beds. Making a bed out of a used tire will eliminate this issue. First, wash and paint the tire any color that you want. Next, make the bed comfortable for your pooch. There are a couple easy ways to do this. If you have an existing dog bed that will fit you can stuff it inside of the tire. For a small dog, you can buy a pillow and a fun pillow case. Stuff the pillow inside of the tire and your furry friend has a great place to sleep.

Tires don't have to become a stack on the side of your house. Tires and expensive, and you may as well use them as long as possible. Once the tread is gone, or you just find a tire you like better for your vehicle, the possibilities for your old tires are endless. You can try any of these furniture ideas or come up with some other fun ideas.