Essential Accessories For Your School’s Campus Security Vehicles

Campus security provides a host of benefits for your school, from making students feel safe to taking reports from victims of crimes. Giving your campus security vehicles a few upgrades can help your security team do its job more effectively. Here are a few upgrades to consider for your campus security vehicles.

Police Sirens

Police sirens give your security vehicles an air of authority. When potential criminals hear the sirens coming, they may abandon what they are doing, which in turn can stop crimes in progress. Sirens can also alert victims that help is on the way. Consider equipping all of your security vehicles with these sirens, and instruct your staff about when they should be used. You can pair the sirens with flashing lights for an added crime deterrent measure.

Car Decals

You want your campus security vehicles to be clearly visible and labeled, as this helps students know where to turn when they need help. Have custom decals created for each vehicle, and place them on the driver and passenger doors. The decals should have your school's name and logo, along with words indicating that the vehicle is part of the campus security team. You can choose sticker decals or magnets, but you may prefer stickers that can't be easily removed from the vehicles.

First Aid Kits

It's a good idea for every campus security guard to carry a first aid kit in his or her vehicle. This can make it easy to render aid when a guard finds an injured student, and in some cases, providing that aid can help prevent further injuries. Be sure that the kit has essential wound care equipment, and consider adding an overdose medication to help students who may be experiencing a drug overdose. If you do equip your vehicles with these items, be sure to put each security guard through training so they know how to properly administer first aid. CPR and first aid training is a great idea for ensuring your guards are able to help your student body in times of need.

Vehicle Partitions

Vehicle partitions may be helpful if your campus security needs to make apprehensions on campus, as the partitions prevent individuals sitting in the backseat from disturbing the guards as they drive. These partitions can also be particularly helpful if you have an intoxicated student who needs to be restrained on the way to the hospital. Look at different designs to see which one works best for your staff. Some feature simple cages, while others include shatterproof plexiglass construction. Cages can prevent interfering with driving, while the plexiglass can prevent backseat passengers from spitting on or otherwise injuring your guards.

Talk to your security staff about which upgrades they would like to see, and take steps to implement these ideas in your fleet of security cars and trucks.